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Metro Turf Solutions, LLC is an environmentally friendly lawn care company.
Our company provides services ranging from fertilizing programs, core aerations, seeding, lawn mowing,
Spring and Fall cleanups, landscaping, and snow plowing.
Coupon offer:
With the purchase of 4 applications from Metro Turf Solutions,
you will receive a FREE late Fall application. This offer expires August 25, 2018 and is for new customers only.
Note: Special offers can not be combined.
  • Landscaping: Retaining walls, decorative rock, shrubbery, tree plantings, tree trimming, mulch, black dirt.
  • Lawn Mowing: Commercial & residential weekly mowing, Spring and Fall cleanups, trimming bushes/shrubbery.
  • Lawn Care/Services: Liquid weed control, organic granular fertilizer/weed control, core aerations, lawn irrigation systems, insecticides for surface feeding insects, free estimates, fungicides, 100% guaranteed, free service calls, environmentally friendly products.
The 4 & 5 step programs available consist of custom blended fertilizer or organic fertilizer per customer preference. Each application, depending on the weather/temperature, is applied at 4lbs. of nitrogen plus potassium per 1000 sq. ft. Weed control is also applied over entire lawn for rounds in late Spring and Fall. Spot spraying of weeds is applied all season. All applications are 100% guaranteed. If weeds are still present and/or if you are not happy with an application 10-12 days after, service calls are free and will be handled within 48 hours.
Each lawn application in detail is as follows:

Approximately April 1st thru May 20th, the first application is crucial for your lawn. Metro Turf Solutions' balance of nutrients help jump start your lawn into to a healthy beginning. Applications include premium annual weed preventers and broadleaf herbicides.

Approximately May 21st thru June 21st, as Summer approaches and dandelions germinate, our second application to your lawn controls other broadleaf weeds while giving your grass its next custom blended application of fertilizer of the season. Our blend of fertilizer works by slowly releasing into your lawn as it grows to help fill in those spots where weeds once prevailed. You'll have thicker, more disease tolerant turf that will be able to handle the stress/challenges it will face later on in the growing season.

Approximately June 21st thru July 31st, at the first sign of discoloring and Summer's problems, your lawn receives surface feeding insect control where needed (at no charge) through Metro Turf Solution's integrated pest management program. This application also results in a longer lasting green color not found with competing lawn care companies.

Approximately August 20th thru September 1st, as the Fall approaches, empowering the turf is the focus. This fourth treatment provides root structure and depthness. Your lawn will become more full and traffic tolerant. Weed control will be applied over the entire yard for Fall germinating weeds.

Approximately September 15th thru November 10th, the last application is designed to add nutrients to the lawn. As like any living thing, grass needs nutrients and a food source to be healthy. This application will provide such nutrients and build a storage bank for over the Winter. Next Spring, the lawn will begin to green-up from the storage bank as soon as the ground begins to thaw. This in turn will activate the developing process and will give the lawn a jump start into Spring.

Mick from St. Paul, MN states:
"Metro Turf Solutions took over the treatments for my lawn this past year. I'm very pleased with the results. The yard is weed-free and green again!"

Jeff from Shakopee, MN states:
"My yard had a Creeping Charlie problem and it was taken care of right away. Dave, with Metro Turf Solutions, is a great guy to work with. Any questions/service calls I had were expeditiously handled."

Joan from Richfield, MN states:
"I like the fact that the lawn care company, Metro Turf Solutions, offers environmentally friendly programs, discounts, and professional services. Our lawn has never looked so good!"

Andy from Northfield, MN states:
"My lawn was a weed field before I hired Metro Turf Solutions. Now my yard is the total opposite - weed-free, green, and thick. I'd recommend Metro Turf Solutions to anybody!"

About Metro Turf Solutions:
Dave Bogart has been in the lawn care business for over 30 years. Fertilizer programs consist of granular and organic applications, Liquid weed control is also included.

Special offers for the upcoming season include Senior Discounts, 12% prepay discount with the sign up of 3 or more applications, 50% off core aeration with the sign up of a 5 step program (limit of 9,000 square feet), and for new customers only: FREE late Fall application with purchase of the 4 step program.  Service calls are free.

* Note: Special offers can not be combined. Please note that service will continue until notification in writing or telephone call from the consumer is received.

Metro Turf Solutions, LLC will meet/beat any competitor’s advertised price.

Contact us for a free lawn care analysis, estimate, and price quote
at 1-888-875-8873 (TURF) or (612) 388-7830.

Thanking you for your business in advance!